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School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

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I’d give this 3 stars, because it wasn’t that bad, (but yeah, it was pretty bad) – BUT I had given Spellbound and Demonglass 3 stars and when compared School Spirits to them, it deserves nothing more than 2.

Like I said, this was pretty bad. First of all, Izzy wasn’t even slightly cool. She was a badass, but a boring badass, and what use it that? We all loved Sophie in Hex Hall because she was soooo funny but its like Izzy doesn’t even know what humor means! Her narration was very life-less whereas Sophie’s made us laugh like CRAZY! (I still laugh when I remember some of her dialogues.) Then the other side characters are okay, Dex is crushworthy but Romy and Anderson are those same old characters which now authors know we are bound to like.

Then comes the story.
It was very clear from just a few pages in that this series is a money-making attempt. Without a solid foundation and a really weak plot this book was just slapped together to present Hex Hall fans with something to feast upon.
To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this book as I considered this would be a pass-time book, the same breezy read its predecessor was with awesome characters, fairly interesting plot and of course someone with a sense of humor like Sophie. But School Spirits was extremely disappointing even with such low expectations. The plot was so premature. Like the matter hadn’t been thought for very long and just written out in a haste. The ending took me by surprise, that I’ll admit. I couldn’t figure out that ghostly-business and was very surprised to see who it was and the story behind The Mysterious (yet charming) Dex.

Sometimes it seemed like Rachel Hawkins was trying to pull-off a miniature Bloodlines. Izzy being a pole opposite of Sophie like Sydney – Rose, and then she tuned down the snarky narration like Rose Hathaway was the sarcasm-queen but Sydeny , not so much. Then Dex wears expensive clothes and has green eyes and has awesome one-liners. Remind you of someone, people? Then Iz was also socially incompetent and had romantic doubts just like Sydney. In the end she settled for 'I like you, may even love but lets stay friends for now' crap. (without any reason)

Final thoughts – I may read its sequel IF I get a review from a reliable source that it gets better and funnier ( I miss Jenna, Archer, Sophie etc : ) but to people who have very high expectations with this one. Please tone it down a notch or else you’ll be disappointed a LOT. This isn’t even highly recommended. Read it to fill your curiosity.

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