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Hi guys, I'm Anushka (or Annie, if you like). I'm a serial reader and a more-than-occasional reviewer and I like to mention authors by their names in my reviews. (Ha! Suck it GoodReads!)

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins I don't want to compare this book to Anna and The French Kiss but as this had characters from the previous book, I have the right to compare and by all means it was better than Lola and The Boy Next Door.

My first problem - I couldn't relate to Lola. She was sort of freaky, in a cool way. But yeah, she was a freak. I couldn't understand her thought process and why she was in "love" with that dickhead Max. He was such a ..hostile kind of person. He was constantly rude to her, tried to make her guilty and treated her like shit but she went rambling about "My boyfriend Max" till 180 pages.

Thennnn..we come to Cricket. Yes, that's the guy's real name. NOT a nickname. Real name.
I mean I love Cricket (as in the sport) but never in God's name would I name my kid that. It just seems cruel to name someone Cricket Bell . :
He was a good guy, though. Didn't give me tingles or set my skin on fire but he was ...nice. Even though I am OBSESSED with tall guys - just tell me a guy is near 6' and I go all over him - and cricket was 6'4'' I didn't feel like he was charming enough. Although I'd date him - I mean, he was sooo nice and TALL but he was no Etienne St. Clair. <3<br/>
I really liked Anna and The French Kiss , it was such a refreshing book and I think my expectations with Lola and The Boy Next Door were very high. Even though Stephanie Perkins has recreated the magic in this book too but to me Anna’s story will be THE ONE. I don’t generally read chick-lit, its my least favorite genre of all actually so maybe I’m not the right person to judge this book. Almost everyone I know enjoyed it more than I did and I’ll recommend this one to all the fans of previous installment.

This book didn't make me awwww or coooo like its predecessor but it was a good book for time-pass and for chick-lit lovers and I’ll still be waiting to get my hands on Isla and The Happily Ever After . After all its setting is again in Paris! Yeay. :D