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Hi guys, I'm Anushka (or Annie, if you like). I'm a serial reader and a more-than-occasional reviewer and I like to mention authors by their names in my reviews. (Ha! Suck it GoodReads!)

Fallen - Lauren Kate
**I read this book about a year back so this review is going to pretty short.
Fallen was my 3rd YA Fantasy series, if I am not wrong. Like majority of the people, no I did not like it even though being a rookie. When you have brain, you don’t need experience to judge things.
This book was an absurd, shameless rip-off of Twilight . Just replace Vampires with Angels and Werewolves with Demons, there, you’ve got Fallen . You can hate me all you want for not spoiler-tagging this for you, I just wanted to save you guys the trouble, or rather, the horror of reading this piece of toilet-paper.

But… I liked the deep and dark setting of this book. I sound almost crazy, but that’s the truth. There are two kinds of narration I like, either keep it funny or if you can’t then give it a brooding touch. Those in-between settings don’t work for me, for example The Iron King . While I liked the fact that Julie Kagawa had been very true to the fae folklore, I did not like her characters and setting, all of it was so boring and don’t even get me started on what dick of a hero Ash was. As I have mentioned in my other reviews before, I really appreciate it when authors are able to make you feel some kind of emotion through their writing, be it humour or in this case depressed.

Those are the only positive words I have about this book. The characters, our protagonist (Luce) was a ditto copy of Bella twat Swan and hero (Daniel) was an equal amount of asshat like Edward was oh, and not to forget the Jacob in this case (Cam) was a total Jacob too. All of them were seriously annoying and Daniel had some temper issues to cover. One minute he his flipping of Luce, other he is sucking her face and other minute suddenly he snaps out his wings and starts floating in the air like a jackass. Same goes with the demon dude too, except he always showed a genuine interest in Luce and never asked her to stay away from him “because we can’t be together” and crap like that. There was this one chick I liked, I think her name was Penny Clearwater, poor girl gets killed-off in the battle Who Deserves Luce More For No Reason At All? between both angel descendants.

Oh hell, I forgot to motion the so called ‘catch’ in the story. Luce gets incarnated every 17 years if she falls in love with Daniel in her lifetime and she reborns because she had practiced a religion but this time if she died she wouldn’t because she was raised an atheist. For 17 years it ‘pains’ Daniel to stay away from his soul-mate but it also hurts him to say goodbye to her because one way or other she dies for reasons Lauren Kate has not mentioned. (or even if she did, I am sorry but I seem to have forgotten because this book was THAT stupid). And this idiocy makes teenage girls cry their eyes out and make this book a freaking multi-million bestseller! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

I still don’t get the appeal this book has but what got me to read it was the cover, God it’s a total babe cover. It still is my favorite and lord forbid me but I was even going to buy this book just for the sake of the cover. But the important thing is I didn't. I remembered the phrase “all that sparkles is not Edward Cullen”, oh wait, that’s not right…I meant “all that glitters is not gold” at the right time and kicked this book out of my wishlist.

Oh and I just heard that in the last book it is revealed that Luce is also an angel. Big surprise! You totally had me there Lauren Kate, I did not see that coming at all! Its so shocking that it gave me goose bumps! Arschloch.