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Passenger to Frankfurt - Agatha Christie

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What in the world was this! I disliked this book from the very first page itself.
I'm no one to question Agatha Christie but this book was totally ridiculous. It was supposed be to espionage but was reduced to an utter pile of fail. I really, really don't want to disrespect the Queen of Crime but Passenger to Frankfurt was boring, and along with being pointless it was also plotless.

It started off with a diplomat being asked to lend his identity to a woman on an airport or else she would have been killed and he agreed to it!
Now, why would someone agree to simply lend his passport and clothes to a strange woman on such short notice? This act of stupidity bothered me from the first chapter only.

Then comes the part where he tries to track down that woman - which was a little interesting but then the book took a major U-turn where it became all about creating another world with superhumans, swaying a crowd with words and all those Hitler concepts.
That's when I lost even the little interest I had in this book and started reading it just for the sake of finishing it. In the last couple of chapters a murderer/traitor is revealed - the topic which was completely sidelined in the middle and then comes a very unrelated epilogue and da-dum. Book is over.

What a complete waste of time. It takes me mere hours to finish Christie's books on an average but this time it took me 2 whole days! I think that says what a monotonous read this must be.

Not recommended to anyone. Not even hardcore Agatha Christie fans.

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