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Hi guys, I'm Anushka (or Annie, if you like). I'm a serial reader and a more-than-occasional reviewer and I like to mention authors by their names in my reviews. (Ha! Suck it GoodReads!)

Bloodlines: The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead The Golden Lily was a #1 New York Times bestseller, and there is no doubt that it deserved the position.
As all TGL fans are aware, it is the 2nd book in Bloodlines series, which itself is a follow up to the very popular Vampire Academy series by a very talented Richelle Mead. I call her that because I have read all her 18 books and 5 short-stories and she has not disappointed in any of them. Her characters are always so strong and fierce that you cannot help but love them.
It is a bit different in the case of Bloodlines though. First time Richelle has created a nerdy character, Sydney Sage who has lived in a very strict environment since her childhood and on some principles and guidelines which she cannot disobey even in the wildest of her dreams. All her (Richelle’s) leading ladies- Rose Hathaway (my favorite), Georgina Kincaid or Eugenie Markham have been the most kick-butt heroines I have read. They hit and punch everything that comes in their way. And if that’s not enough they have their sarcasm at disposal. But Sydney is not like that. She is a sincere, intelligent, hard-working, and courageous in her own ways person. At first I was not sure if I liked her because she was not at all like Rose, she is totally opposite but after TGL she is on my favourite characters list definitely because she proves that she can fight back when needed to.
This book begins after 1 month of the Bloodlines incident. The main story does not make it to the book till half of it but not to worry, the book is highly entertaining on its own and you won’t even feel the need of a thrill. Dimitri fans will be very pleased when they read this because he is in his badass form. He has a few action scenes and his Zen-master dialogues which every reader loves. Sonya Karp has a very key role apart from learning about Spirit-Strigoi effects. There is more of Angelina who was introduced in the previous book. She is basically in it to make mischiefs and trouble everyone but she is sincere when it comes to protecting Jill or any Moroi.
Then there is Adrian. Oh, Adrian! I am head over heels in love with him. He continues his usual lovable quirks which make me fall deeper for him. Really, I could not help but smile whenever I read Adrian’s lines. He shows his crazy as well as his mature side, which itself is as crazy as it could get. Thankfully he does not drool for Rose like he used but he finds himself falling for someone else, which you will find really cute when you will read the book.
The main plot revolves around re-evolution of an old alchemist society who slays the vampires, preferably Strigoi. There is no suspense in this book, just a thrill ride which gets overshadowed by the budding romance of literally, every character in the book. I was never a fan of romantic books, it gave me the creeps but with Richelle’s ability to wind romance, fantasy and suspense altogether makes me crave for more. Honestly speaking, I loved the way sparks flew between Sydney and Adrian and how both of them weren’t realising any of it. As I mentioned earlier, this was veryyyy ‘cute’. Even the triangle between Angelina, Eddie and Jill is fun to read but Sydrian is way better.
Then we come to the sad part. The Ending. Oh, it was so heart-breaking! I waited for it to happen for all 400 pages and when it did, it ruined everything. I want to mention the incident but I am no one to spoil your story. Go ahead, read it and then feel bad for why THAT happened. Ugh!
Next book is ready and is in print currently, and from TGL we have gathered that a guy named Marcus Finch, an ex-alchemist is going to join the lot. I can only hope that there is no love triangle between Sydney, Adrian and him. We’ve already had enough of Rose-Dimitri- Adrian!

All in all, LOVED the book only because of romance. The wait for next book The Indigo Spell is going to kill me. There are over 5 goddamn months till it releases (12 Feb 2013 is the release date). The fourth book in the series The Fiery Heart releases on November 19.