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Hi guys, I'm Anushka (or Annie, if you like). I'm a serial reader and a more-than-occasional reviewer and I like to mention authors by their names in my reviews. (Ha! Suck it GoodReads!)

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead Okay, so that was a waste of my precious time.

Richelle Mead, I love you, I love your books and I'm absolutely in love with Adrian Ivashkov but I am sorry to say The Indigo Spell was utterly pointless. If this book was written by any other author I'd have given just 1 star but I'm feeling generous today so 2 for you. This series doesn't have to be 6 books long, it could easily be done with in 4 books...so TIS was just a filler book in my opinion.
I am not gonna sit and rant about it, I do want to but it will hurt others' feelings so I'll just point out a few things.

First, I swear to God Bloodlines is a hit only because of Adrian. Hell, even I am reading this series because of him!

Second of all, every event in TIS seemed so unrealistic to me, right from the moments Sydney got seated next to Adrian on a plane to her almost trip to Mexico. Everything in Bloodlines world is so...made-up. Even though the setting of Vampire Academy world was weird and different from any of the books I've read, it had grown on me...it felt real to me. But TIS? No way. Everything was so make-believe. That witchcraft and magic stuff was particularly boring. I liked it when Sydney was just a human, why does she have to be a witch? Why is it necessary for the protagonist to be something special? Why can't she do special things while being a normal person at the same time?

Then Adrian was his usual charming self in most of the book but - I don't know if it was spirit driven madness - he was so cheesy in the remainder of it. He called Sydney a "fierce Goddess" "fireball"...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ADRIAN? WHEN DID YOU TURN INTO SUCH A CHEESE BALL? Sydney is not any of that, Rose is! I had come to like Sydney after The Golden Lily but it doesn't matter if Richelle writes 12 more books with her as a protagonist Rose will always be the heroine of VA world. Damn it, I miss her! I mean, I still like Sydney but only Rose Hathaway gets to be the badass here.

Another thing - while reading it feels like Sydney and Adrian belong together but in practical life when you think about it, they do not. They are just pushed together because we, fangirls, wanted more of Adrian in Bloodlines and Richelle could only write from Sydney's perspective, so there! our two protagonists HAD to fall in love. They both are SO different from each other...where Adrian is a rich, dashing playboy , Sydney is an uptight nerd. But the way Richelle has written their romance even gave me tingles, I'll give her that.
What’s worse is this, between fangirl squeaks everyone is forgetting that Adrian had been truly, madly, deeply in love with Rose a few months ago. I mean, he was head over heels in love with her through books 2 to 6. He had just gotten dumped by her and the first girl he meets after the massive break-up; he is ready to give up the world for her. Doesn’t that sound like a rebound to you guys?
I wish there was like a year-long gap between the two series so Adrian could actually get over Rose properly and be ready to fall in love again.

Well, that's it for now. I am not so eager to read The Fiery heart but I will, because half of it is from my darling Adrian's POV.