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Hi guys, I'm Anushka (or Annie, if you like). I'm a serial reader and a more-than-occasional reviewer and I like to mention authors by their names in my reviews. (Ha! Suck it GoodReads!)

Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast {1.5 Stars}

Okaaaay. So my theory is this - Overly hyped books like House of Night and Mortal Instruments were released near 2005 when there were very few YA Fantasy books and that's the reason these books are so famous. I mean, people are totally crazy about HoN & MI even though there are many books which are much better than these.
So, House of Night.
This book had a weak plot, weak as in pointless plot.

Why did Zoey get 'Marked'? And why especially by the Goddess Nyx?
The author didn't have any theory; she just had to make her character special so there! Nyx herself does it.

Getting 'Marked' means getting a half crescent moon shaped on forehead which signifies that the human will go through some changes to become an adult Vampire. And to learn to become a Vampire, the ‘fledgling’ is sent to a school called House of Night. As told in the story several times, not all fledglings survive this some of them die at a very early stage or some die when they are almost about to. But obviously our lead survives it because she was given the mark by Nyx for not-even-author-knows-what reason.

The writing - its irritating! That is the only word that comes to mind.
Zoey and her friends bicker like fifth graders! P.C. Cast had done this on purpose so that it'd feel like we're reading book by a teenager (She mentioned this in acknowledgements, I'm not making it up) but I'm really sorry to say Cast-ladies that readers feel like they are reading diary entry of a bunch of bimbos instead!
They are so darn corny and unfunny you'd want to drag them through their hair. With every page I read I felt a bit more dumber and dumber. Their group just keeps chittering and chattering to no extent. Anything they say has no use in the story; it is just included to increase the thickness of the book. When this was not enough, there's the gang of Dark Daughters who try to imitate Plastics from Mean Girls. Their group leader's name is Aphrodite, APHRODITE for God's sake!! Who has names like that anymore? And how can you go around flaunting and being a bitch to everyone with such a name? I would die of shame.

The authors have tried to create the environment of a high school in Vampire format, tried to. You can just tell by the language that they've tried way too hard to do that. All the girls keep squeaking all the time and talk about hot guys as if they have nothing else to do.

The book covers the events of 2 or 3 days but in that short span of time itself Zoey finds a soul-mate. (Boy, I wish it was that easy for me too.) Erik is supposedly a out-of-the-world hot guy who winks at Zoey in a classroom full of people the first time he sees her and the next time he meets her, they kiss. And the third time they meet he tells her "that you make me feel different". HOW STUPID IS THAT?! They don't even exchanged names properly but start sloshing their tongues down each other throats because they are apparently 'made for each other'.

Everything about Marked screamed stupid, immature, senseless, waste-of-time literature to me! Ugh! To sum it up in one line - I simply hated it!

But...I gave the book 1.5 stars because by excluding the useless chitter-chatter between the characters and replacing them with some sensible adult conversations this would've been more bearable (maybe).
I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, but I am going to read the 2nd book sometime later only because a friend of mine (although, I have huge doubts about it now) is a huge fan of the series and she is forcing me to.
Lord, save my soul! D: