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Hi guys, I'm Anushka (or Annie, if you like). I'm a serial reader and a more-than-occasional reviewer and I like to mention authors by their names in my reviews. (Ha! Suck it GoodReads!)

The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling You can also find this review here : Don't Stop Readin'

I should mention this in the beginning itself – This book is not for everyone. Some may like it, some may hate it and there can never be one review you can entirely rely upon.

And I happen to be on the former side.

Yes, as shocking as it is for the other half of the world, I liked this book - oh, hell I even loved this book, more than I should have probably for its writing. The narration is just mesmerizing!
The description of everything is as vivid as you would expect from someone like J.K. Rowling.
Enough said.

The story is a not-so-simple tale of a small town named Pagford. It describes the events that take place after a member of the Council, Barry Fairbrother dies due to a heart attack.
The situations are not heavily influenced by his death but they would have never taken place if not for that. Everything starts moving like a cog in the wheel after the incident.

Rowling has written very picturesquely by giving insights into every little thing. By the chain of events that take place you can just tell that she had planned out the story very well.
Everything has a reason, a small story behind itself. Every character is so real, they have some faults and depth at the same time. There are no main characters in this book; everybody acts as a supporting cast. You cannot pick sides here because you will not find a character worthy of it. They are real and that is why they are flawed, there is not that one person who figures things out and makes everything alright in the end and could be considered the "hero" of the story.

It is very interesting to note how everyone’s life gets entwined somehow. All the characters, no matter how distant they are from each other have something in common. There is a thin, almost invisible thread connecting them all, if one gives a little tug to it, the force effects everyone.

Now, to elaborate onto why I thought this would not be appealing to everyone.
The story... it just goes on.
It has a predetermined starting point and a finishing line at the 504th page.
All through the novel you will have this dark and depressive feeling bubbling inside you and the ending of the story adds to it even more. It acts as an ultimate ingredient which will finally make you spill out that sorrow swirling inside you in form of tears. (In my case, at least.)

To sum it up, this is not a must-read.
The Causal Vacancy is something you should read if you have an affinity for distressing and perturbing things and can handle a ball of emotions.
If not, then you are not missing anything significant by not reading this piece by the lovely Rowling. And therefore, I wouldn't recommend this to everyone. (Sorry JKR, I still love you)

BBC Television is making a TV series based on the book which I think is a great idea. I am 80% sure that it will make a great TV Drama Series rather than a movie.
The chapters of the story are similar to an episode of a TV show and so is the ending worthy of being a series finale.
I’ll be glad for JKR if this show is successful because that woman deserves nothing but appreciation for everything she has done. (Okay, now I’m zooming into Potterhead mode)
Thanks for giving me a magical childhood. <3<br/>Mischief Managed. :)